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Below is the typical process of a startup entering and graduating from The Sandpit. By remaining loyal to a vertical (Marketing Technology), we are able to leverage the same customer base, methodology and processes, as well as investors and growth strategies.

The deal structure is 100% aligned with the tech founders. We replace the seed investment (cash) with our infrastructure (people — still means cash) with the outcome of creating profits, and then bank on our ability to execute better than the founders with the assistance of raised capital alone would have. There are no fees involved, instead we take an equity stake and a commission on the sales we are driving, which is capped as we only want to cover costs.

With every new company we onboard and grow, we enhance our unique expertise, access to market and network.  These are then used to assist new businesses joining us. The program is not set on a time frame, we work with the startups until they are self-sufficient, fast growing, standalone businesses.


The Proof of Concept phase establishes the product is market fit. The Sandpit team taps into our extensive network of blue-chip CMOs and existing global clients to test the product in today’s market environment. We then use the real-time market feedback to help the founders develop a broad strategy, branding and a go-to-market plan. By qualifying the market need for the product before admitting the company to join The Sandpit, we are able to win customers and drive revenue into the business from day one.


If the Proof of Concept phase is successful, the company is on-boarded into The Sandpit infrastructure: at this stage, our central marketing and sales experts will execute the full commercial plan and work towards the agreed key performance indicators. We will also help raise seed funding, if needed, and start building commercial and marketing teams into the company, under The Sandpit guidance.


The company is in “steady state” and it’s time to scale. Whether it be sales, marketing, HR, finance or legal, we have all the right tools, proven processes, customisable templates and experienced staff the company needs to set up each function. While the founders focus on perfecting their product offering to an expanding customer base, The Sandpit team will make sure all aspects of the business are scalable, all staffing requirements are filled, and that the company is fully prepared to support the next phase of the accelerated growth.


The company is now experiencing strong growth, has an expanding client base and a team of dedicated full-time staff. It’s celebration time! Together, we have built a product into a successful business. Next, we will help the company move into its own new offices as we prepare it for Series A/B raising and/or a strategic M&A deal.

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