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This brief interview is the first in a series of ‘Founder Spotlights’. In these interviews, we grab five minutes with our tech founders to learn more about them and their companies. First up is Duncan Roberts, CTO at weseethrough.

1.Tell us about weseethrough…

weseethrough is a technology-driven market research company. In short, we enable global brands to see literally through the eyes of the consumer. We use wearable tech like Google Glass to capture a first-person view of people’s lives and then sift through hundreds of hours video with our video curation platform, Haystack, to unearth powerful insights.

2. How is weseethrough unique in what you guys do?

At weseethrough, we help brands like Unilever understand people’s actual behaviour rather than reported or claimed, which is where traditional methods focus on. And where they also fail, as they rely on memory, leading to large errors gaps (according to Unilever, 50% of study participants incorrectly recall what they do in the interview process…). Thanks to our innovative approach and tech, we were also recently awarded the Market Research Society (MRS) Award for “Innovation in Research Methodology”, in partnership with Unilever.

3. What’s the story of weseethrough?

weseethrough did not exist before being approached by Unilever a year ago (the company was called Race Yourself at that time, the world’s first augmented reality and fitness company): after meeting with one of their CMI Directors, Marie Wolfe, we realised we could apply our tech and methodology to the market research area and that’s how weseethrough became what it is today.

4. What do you love about being part of The Sandpit?

Being part of The Sandpit is like being part of a big family. We work closely with the marketing and sales team who are doing a great job at creating awareness around the weseethrough brand (we just got a new shiny website) and growing our client base. It’s been fun so far!

5. Tell us something we may not have known about you…

I can speak six languages. And my favorite hangout place in London is the Spiritual Caipirinha Bar in Camden Town. After a visit there, I can speak an additional three languages.


weseethrough joined The Sandpit in October 2015 and since then, the marketing and sales team have been working closely with Duncan and his growing technical team. Their current clients include Unilever, Ben and Jerry’s, GFK, Persil, Vim, Ipsos, Knorr, and many more. If you want to get in touch with Duncan, you can send him an email.

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