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After a weekend of revelations and developments following the result from the EU referendum, many of us return to work today exhausted and ready for a break from the rolling news. Unfortunately, with resignations aplenty from the shadow cabinet, Scottish independence talks and the markets still in shock, it seems the discussion is far from over.


For those of you who have been desperately attempting to avoid the water cooler and kitchen today, we’ve compiled a list of startup-Brexit related articles. So you can debate furiously with your office know-it-all.

Brexit’s Winners And Losers: How The UK Decision Will Impact Europe’s VC Ecosystem

The UK’s vote to leave the EU has thrown a shadow of uncertainty over Europe’s VC and startup ecosystem, in which the UK is a lynchpin.

Brexit Keep calm and carry on

A word from our Founder and CEO, Simon Campbell in response to the EU referendum results and the impact of Brexit on his businesses.

Brexit creates a new vocabulary for startups in Europe

Adeo Ressi, for TechCrunch talks about how the land lies for the European startup scene, and what Brexit will look like for London’s Silicon Roundabout.

#Brexit: Berlin to shoot past London as Euro startup capital?

Hadlee Simons from VentureBurn discusses the very real possibility of Berlin overtaking London as Europe’s biggest tech startup scene.

What impact will Brexit have on UK startups and innovation?

Marc Curtis writes for TheDrum to breakdown and assesses the impact Brexit will have on the UK startup scene and its ability to innovate.

U.K. Tech Startups Prepare For Life After Brexit

With over 90% of technology founders voting to remain, Parmy Olson from Forbes reports on a shocked and dismayed startup founders.

EU referendum: Entrepreneurs react to Brexit result

Megan Dunsby interviews entrepreneurs on their response to the Brexit result and what it means for their businesses.

Sajid Javid: “We will make Brexit work for British business”

Secretary of State Sajid Javid has announced a statement that government “will make Brexit work for British business”, following last week’s EU referendum result where vote leave received a 51.9% majority.

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